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Welcome to Heartwell Renewables

Renewable diesel fuel brought to you by Love’s and Cargill

About Heartwell Renewables

Heartwell Renewables is a unique joint venture between affiliates of The Love’s Family of Companies and Cargill to produce and market renewable diesel. Heartwell Renewables is the only entity of its kind to both manufacture and distribute this fuel all the way to the retail pump.

In this partnership, Cargill will source and provide the feedstock required for fuel production.  This primarily includes tallow, sourced in part from Cargill facilities in Nebraska, as well as other low-carbon feedstocks like distillers corn oil.  Once the fuel is produced, Musket, a division of the Love’s Family of Companies, will transport and market the fuel across the United States.

What is renewable diesel?

Renewable diesel is a one-for-one replacement for traditional diesel fuel. It is made from feedstocks such as animal fats, used cooking oils and vegetable oils. Renewable diesel is chemically identical to petroleum diesel, but offers significant improvements in environmental performance due to its reduced carbon intensity and emissions.

Benefits of Renewable Diesel

  • Renewable diesel delivers at least a 50% reduction of greenhouse gases compared to traditional petroleum-based diesel.

    Reduction in Greenhouse Gas

  • Renewable diesel reduces toxic emissions, pollutants and particulate matter.

    Reduction in Toxic Emissions

  • Like traditional diesel fuel, renewable diesel can be stored for extended periods.

    Standard Storage Requirements

  • Because renewable diesel does not have oxygen in its chemical structure, it delivers superior performance in cold weather — providing faster startups, improved throttle response and decreased noise.

    Superior Cold Temperature Performance

  • Renewable diesel is compatible with diesel engines and can be directly used in engines designed to run on conventional diesel fuel — with no blending required.

    One-for-One Replacement with Traditional Diesel

  • Renewable diesel has a faster combustion speed, bringing more power to the engine. It has also been shown to reduce soot production which leads to lower vehicle maintenance requirements.

    Enhanced Vehicle Performance

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